Plantations Owned by Robert Carter III

Plantations owned by Robert Carter III

Nomini Hall (estate seat)
Old Ordinary
Mitchells Spread
Forest Quarter
Coles Point


  1. Your favorite work was Rob Roy. I still play it when I go to sleep at night. My husband before his passing 2 years ago used to go to Carter’s Grove and many other Virginia plantations. Are you a descendant of Robert King Carter? And how often do yo get back to Virginia?

    Mary McClinton

  2. Robert Carter III is my 6th great granfather. Does anyone have any information on where John Carter was born in England or what date? Any other information? Are we royal?

    Note: Elsie Evelyn Carter is my great grandmother

    • I am a decent of Robert Carter .. would love to talk to you about this. Ye I have information on that

      Thank you

  3. Hi I’m a direct line to every Carter, my family has been traced back to 1200’s, our family just donated our castle in Ireland that was gifted to us by king George of england hundred of years ago, my great grandfather gave it to Ireland to turn into a museum, George gave king John Carter the castle among other properties, the Carter line has been all royal, noble, and military, there is still a Carter house in England where the first Carter record was done in Yorkshire England, back then we were called Le Carter.

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