John Carter

John Carter I of Corotoman (1613-1669/70)

Born:      1613  Christ Church Parish, Newgate Street, London John Carter of Corotoman
Died:       January 10, 1669/70  Corotoman plantation
Buried:    Christ Church with four of his five wives and two infant children
  1. Jane Glyn--Married ca. 1637. Died 1652. Mother of John Carter II, George and Elizabeth
  2. Eleanor Eltonhead--Married 1655. Died 1656
  3. Anne Carter--Distant cousin. Married ca. 1657
  4. Sarah Ludlow--Born in England. Married ca. 1662. Mother of Robert Carter
  5. Elizabeth Sherley--Married 1668. Widow from Gloucester County, Virginia. Went to England with her son Charles shortly after John Carter I's death
  1. George--born ca. 1638; died in infancy
  2. Elizabeth--born ca. 1639; married 1) Nathaniel Utie of Maryland 2) Henry Johnson
  3. John II--born ca. 1640; died 1690
  4. Sarah--born ca. 1661; died in infancy
  5. Robert--born 1663; died 1732
  6. Charles--born 1669; went to England with mother
  • Col. John Carter was b. 1620, in England, the son of Hon. William Carter, of "Casstown," Hereford Co., and the Middle Temple, England.
  • Immigrated to Virginia in 1635 at age 22 on ship Safety
  • First settled in Upper Norfolk County (later became Nansemond County)
  • Traveled several times between England and Virginia in trade
  • Served seven terms in House of Burgesses
    • Upper Norfolk County   1641/42; 1642/43
    • Nansemond County     1649
    • Lancaster County       1654-1655; 1657/58-1658; 1658/59; 1659/60
  • Served on Governor's Council (1657 and ca. 1664-1667)
  • Patented 6,160 acres of land in Lancaster County between 1642-1665
  • In 1652-53 moved to Lancaster County and established Corotoman plantation on Rappahannock River between Carter's Creek and Corotoman River
  • Served as Justice, Lancaster County (1653-1669)
  • Served as Vestryman, Christ Church Parish (ca. 1661-1669/70)
  • Served as undertaker, or builder, of first Christ Church, a frame structure completed in July 1670 six months after his death d. 1669, at "Corotoman," Lancaster Co., Va.; he came to the Colony in 1649, and located in lower Norfolk, which he represented as Burgess, 1649; he later removed to Lancaster Co., where he built the ancestral home of "Corotoman." He served as a Burgess from Lancaster, 1653-58, and was an influential member of the King's Council, 1658-59; Commander against the Rappahannock Indians, 1654; Col. of Lancaster, 1656; liberal supporter of the Established Church, he gave the first Church which stood on the land where Christ Church was later built, and was a Vestryman.
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