Lottie Jones Mitchell

Lottie Jones Mitchell
b: 18 Apr 1941
d: 2 Jul 2010
  • 18 Apr 1941 - Birth -
  • 2 Jul 2010 - Death - ; White Plains, Westchester, New York, United States
Abner Jones
Abt 1900 -
Lottie Jones Mitchell
18 Apr 1941 - 2 Jul 2010
John S Wright
Apr 1868 -
Bulah Wright
1902 - May 1984
Dossie L Wright
Mar 1875 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Abner Jones
BirthAbt 1900Pennsylvania, United States
Death Roanoke, Virginia
Marriageto Bulah Wright
FatherEwell Jones
MotherEmma G Jones
PARENT (F) Bulah Wright
Birth1902Virginia, United States
DeathMay 1984 Roanoke, Halifax, Virginia, United States
Marriageto Abner Jones
FatherJohn S Wright
MotherDossie L Wright
FLeatha Elizabeth Jones
Birth10 Dec 1927Chamblissburg, Bedford, Virginia, United States
Death9 Mar 1997Washington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States
Marriageto Carl Milton Jones
MRoger Jones
BirthChamblissburg, Bedford, Virginia, USA
DeathRoanoke, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
MFrank McDonald Jones
BirthChamblissburg, VA
DeathRoanoke County, Virginia, USA
FAlberta Jones
FLottie Jones Mitchell
Birth18 Apr 1941
Death2 Jul 2010White Plains, Westchester, New York, United States
MJoseph Douglas Jones
Birth2 Feb 1929Virginia
Death6 May 1984Lynchburg, Lynchburg City, Virginia, United States of America