Our Mission

The aim and purpose of the Nomini Hall Slave Legacy (NHSL) Society shall be the preservation of the spirit and legacy of the slaves freed on the Deed of Gift by Robert Carter III, who with strength and resilience navigated the perilous journey of slavery and subsequent freedom in Virginia during a time that did not honor them as full citizens. Honoring those whom we directly trace descent through publication of our achievements, histories and the establishment of memorials suitable to honor them in posterity.

Who can Join?

Membership in the NHSL Society is extended to anyone that shares lineage with a slave that was freed by Robert Carter III.  To be eligible for membership, an individual must be able to establish his or her lineage as a descendant of one of the slaves listed in the 1791 Deed of Gift.

You can find a list of those named in the Deed of Gift here.

Steps to Membership

  1. Collect and organize your documentation tracing your lineage back to your slave ancestor. The best types of documentation to look for when doing your research are vital records such as the birth, marriage, and death certificates for each person. Other documentation might be published genealogies, family documents and other official records. If you have a relative that is already a member you may be able to save yourself effort by submitting their established documentation for the part of your lineage where your ancestors are the same. If you know that your ancestor was listed in an application or know the name and membership number of a relative you can include it with your application.  Please check out our Genealogy Resources for other helpful information which may help you document your lineage.
  2. Complete the application. Submit your completed application along with the application fee and all documentation (preferably in GEDCOM format)
  3. Wait for your approval. The approval process takes 3 to 5 weeks.  You will be notified by email or phone if additional documentation is needed to determine eligibility.
  4. YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!!! You will receive a letter of approval and certificate of membership. Take pride in being the descendant of a slave that was a part of the largest known manumission by a single individual in the history of the United States of America. Show that pride through personal efforts and NHSL activities to serve and promote the legacy of your ancestry.

Membership Types


NHSL Individual membership includes

  • GEDCOM review and verification
  • Semi Annual Newsletter Subscription
  • NHSL Reunion updates
  • Membership Certificate

Application Fee: $35    Dues $25.00 yearly


NHSL Family Membership provides all the benefits of the Individual membership for up to 5 members of your family.

Application Fee: $35     Dues: $75.00 yearly

Friends of NHSL

Friends of the NHSL has been established to recognize individuals, organizations, businesses or corporations who provide financial or material support of the Nomini Hall Slave Legacy Project but are not direct descendants of a slave freed by Robert Carter III.  

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